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Pamela Cominos


Hello Everyone!

I’m Pamela Cominos, Principal of Cominos Family Lawyers and founder of Healthy Divorce. I’m also an author, speaker and mentor, with a love for fashion, fitness and being fabulous no matter what!

I am a family lawyer with more than 10 years’ experience in divorce, parenting and financial matters. I hold a Master’s degree in Literature, a Bachelor of Laws Degree and I’m an accredited Life Coach.

I’m passionate about transformation and personal growth especially when we’re going through challenging times in life, like a break-up or divorce. It is my belief that when we face any adversity in life, we can either grow from the challenge or we can let it limit and define us.

It is my heartfelt mission to transform the way we discuss, view and handle divorce and separation. Although we’ve had a ‘no-fault’ divorce system in Australia for the past 43 years, we still have a long way to go to end the blame, shame and guilt that divorce seems to bring.

I invite you to join me in the journey of personal discovery and  growth and to transform the narrative of failure to one of hope, new beginnings and re-building  our lives for better.

Healthy Divorce
Healthy Divorce

Healthy Divorce was founded in 2017 by Pamela Cominos. Pamela was motivated to develop Healthy Divorce because she saw a need to support and encourage people who had experienced the end of a significant relationship to move forward in life and  to rebuild their lives in empowering, happier and meaningful ways.

The focus of Healthy Divorce is on personal growth, transformation and inner peace. Healthy Divorce is a  way of life that is based on time-tested principles and wisdom to educate, empower and support anyone who is is currently going through a divorce or who is looking to re-build their life following a break-up, separation or divorce.

Healthy Divorce offers face to face programs, online programs, motivational and inspirational articles, affirmations and more. If you’re ready to live a truly authentic, happy and rewarding life, then join Healthy Divorce today.

– It may be hard to believe right now but going through a divorce may be the best thing that ever happens to you –

 Pamela Cominos

Heartbreak to Happiness


7 Principles for a Healthy Divorce”

This e-book is for anyone who has experienced a breakup, separation or divorce and is looking for powerful and effective ways to thrive( not simply survive) this life-changing event.

You will learn how to remain curious and calm in the most challenging situations. You will discover that when you choose to get responsible about your life you’ll find peace and freedom. 

In time and with a shift in perspective, your divorce, separation or break-up can be an opportunity for you to rebuild a new, fulfilling and rewarding life.

Are you ready and willing to let go, grow and find peaceful ways of dealing with the end of a significant relationship?

If your answer is YES – then this e-book is for you!

Heartbreak to Happiness: 7 Principles for a Healthy Divorce will support, educate and inspire you to create a life you love.

Your break-up, separation or divorce is not personal; it’s your thinking that makes it so-

– Healthy Divorce is a choice. When we choose to live with health and mindfulness in all areas of our life, we choose to create rewarding and happy lives –

Pamela Cominos

Pamela at Cominos Family Lawyers
Cominos Family Lawyers

Cominos Family Lawyers is a specialist boutique legal practice. We specialise in all legal matters that relate to children, money, property, relocation, maintenance following the end of a marriage or de facto relationship.

Cominos Family Lawyers was established in 2011 by Pamela Cominos. Pamela wanted to transform the way individuals and families experience divorce and separation. She was determined to present a holistic and healthier way of practicing family law and assisting her clients through the divorce journey.

Today the practice boasts a team of experienced and senior Family Lawyers, who are dedicated and passionate about assisting clients in challenging and uncertain times.

At Cominos Family Lawyers we understand that going through separation, break-up or divorce can be traumatic, confusing and difficult. We offer pragmatic, sound and tailor-made advice and representation to our clients. We promote negotiation, conciliation and mediation first and only go to court in urgent circumstances or as a last resort.