Is Life Giving You Crumbs?



Hello Dear Reader,

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about people who take the crumbs, the leftovers or the crappy bits of life.Whether it’s at work, in intimate relationships, friendships or from family and children, it seems that some people take the crumbs that life gives and then spend precious hours, days, months and years of their life complaining, feeling unhappy, depressed or stressed.

Is this you?

It’s not surprising then, that you may be feeling out of balance or miserable – you have ( for whatever reason) been putting up with, justifying, tolerating the crumbs that life has thrown your way.

The thing to know is that life throws crumbs everywhere, what life gives out is not personal to you it is just what happens in life – we all get presented with all kinds of people, circumstances, opportunities or adversities, it’s how we perceive and what we are prepared to take or leave behind that makes the difference to the quality of our relationships, our careers and our families.

The key difference however between those people who reject the crumbs, (sending them right back where they came from) and those who feel they have no other choice but to take the crumbs is personal awakening.

Personal awakening or consciousness means opening up our understanding of our internal world. It means questioning with curiosity ( and not judgment) how we sabotage our lives or create negative realities and discovering tools that can shift and empower us to build the confidence to choose healthier and better partners, friends, careers or jobs  for ourselves.

We know that by living with daily presence, alertness and mindfulness, we can reject the crumbs of life. It is only then that we can truly attract and create lives that are meaningful and extraordinary.



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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to replace any specific advice from a lawyer, counsellor or any other medical professional. The article is general information only.